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About The Saint Mary Church
The St. Mary Eritrean Orthodox Church in San Leandro, California was bought in 2009 by small Eritrean Community in the Bay Area. The numbers of new church members have been increasing since. We have a wonderful parish here in St. Mary Church. We have been praying together, working together and rejoicing together since its inception. The Clergy, Church councils of the past and present, and our dedicated church members have achieved a great deal, and continue to achieve much for the church and the community. But one of the greatest achievements, and one that we must constantly strive to build upon, are our commitment, dedication, and mutual support of each other as "family". The St. Mary Eritrean Orthodox church lovingly nurtures our further knowledge of the Orthodox faith and spreads the message of our Lord Jesus Christ through proclamation, teaching, outreach, and service to all people.

The Saint Mary Eritrean Orthodox Church is a two story contemporary church with historical architecture. The building size is 17,088 square foot and the lot size is 21,954 square foot.  It is beautiful, well-built classic church with high ceiling, stained-glass windows, padded pews, and balcony.  The church has a wide parish hall, gardens, day care center, educational rooms, offices, large well-equipped kitchen and rental facilities for wedding and for other occasionsThere are two outside play yards one with play structures constructed in 2008 and handicap ramp constructed in 2004.

The property is located in the city of San Leandro, approximately 20 miles south east of San Francisco. Interstate 580 and 880 are only few miles from the site. The property is situated in a residential neighborhood at the corner of Dowling and Dutton Ave. The perimeter of a public school across the street and a public park next to the school provide lots of additional parking.

About The Eritrean Orthodox, Diocese of North America

The Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, Diocese of North America was established by His Holiness Abune Philipos, the 1st patriarch of Eritrea in September, 2000. Prior to the establishment of the Diocese of North America and the coming of His Holiness patriarch Philipos, the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church abroad was under the jurisdiction of the Asmara bishop.


Today the Diocese of North America comprises the entire United States and Canada and the number of Churches flourished to more than twenty Four churches in the USA & Canada alone. From its beginnings in September 2000 until the present, the diocese has developed slowly but surely under the devoted leadership of its servants. Using every viable means, the Diocese of North America has been proclaiming God's good news in according to the Canon Law of our Orthodox Tewahdo Church.